5 Laziest cricketers in IPL 2020

5 Laziest cricketers in IPL 2020

They are being called lazy and mocked for their ordinary efforts on the field.

Shimron Hetmyer
Shimron Hetmyer. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

The IPL 2020 is already considered as one of the best things to happen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The amount of excitement and joy it has imparted in its first week has given the people new hopes in their life. Once again, the tournament is living up to its expectations. Not only that, but the league is again setting a new bar for the quality of T20 cricket.

Fortunately for the fans, their favorite cricketers have also returned to their merry ways. The break has not affected their skills much. While some of them took a couple of innings to get into their groove others didn’t even need that. So, it can be said that most of the players were putting in hard yards, even in the off-season.

Still, certain individuals have used the break like a vacation. Some of them didn’t even try to work on the weaknesses of their game. On the contrary, they have gained a few extra pounds and have failed to maintain even the basic fitness levels. And now all of it has resulted in inappropriate situations for them in the tournament. They are being called lazy and mocked for their ordinary efforts on the field.

Here is the list 5 laziest cricketers of IPL 2020:

1) Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma. (Photo Source: IPL/BCCI)

You know you are in a for a treat when Rohit Sharma decides to open the innings in a tournament like IPL. For the simple reason that the Hitman is one of the most destructive white-ball openers, the game has ever seen. And as expected, it didn’t take him much time to stamp his class in IPL 2020.

His match-winning innings of 80 against Kolkata Knight Riders is surely the first of many to come in this year’s event. Rohit’s touch play often connoted as “Lazy elegance” became the highlight of that knock. He played a barrage of pull shots for the viewer’s delight. Once again, his hand-eye coordination, possibly his biggest strength was on full display.

Ironically nowadays, it also turns out to be his biggest weakness as he has to deal with boundaries in pressure situations. Otherwise, he cannot keep the scoreboard ticking. It’s exactly what happened in his innings against KKR, where he huffed and puffed in the latter half of his batting essay.

He couldn’t compliment his partners and missed quite a few runs on offer. Thereafter, in his fielding also, he couldn’t keep up with the pace and frequently showed his discomfort. It looked as if his fitness levels have dropped down considerably. In all, the fans got another reason to mock his waistline, and this time he is being called lazy for all different reasons altogether.