Abdul Awal Chowdhury aplogises to Mushfiqur Rahim for his offensive remarks

The issue seemed to be dead serious as Mushfiqur Rahim almost broke down into tears while speaking about the same.

Mushfiqur Rahim
Mushfiqur Rahim. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Bangladesh Cricket Board stated that the dispute between board director Abdul Awal Chowdhury and cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim has now been settled. The board director who is also the owner of Mushfiqur’s BPL franchise criticised the player for being an unsuccessful captain and for his lack of discipline. Abdul Awal Chowdhury has issued an apology for his comments on the wicketkeeper-batsman.

However, BCB informed that the matter has been sorted out on 26th July. On July 15th the BCB claimed that Awal Chowdhury will be handed over a show cause notice for his offensive remarks. The board will also ask for an explanation for his actions from Chowdhury for coming down harshly on Mushfiqur on a TV channel.


The BCB decided to put an end to the controversy after Mushfiqur Rahim took Awal’s apology sportingly said BCB director and BPL governing council member secretary Ismail Haider.

“We understand that it was kind of a misunderstanding as he did not mean to hurt the national Test skipper intentionally,” Ismail told reporters at Mirpur on Wednesday.

“Perhaps he could not put the right word in the right place while expressing his frustration as Barisal Bulls owner and now that he apologised to Mushfiqur and he took it sportingly we want to dissolve the issue,” he said.

The issue seemed to be dead serious as Mushfiqur Rahim almost broke down into tears while speaking about the same. There is no doubt over the fact that the batsman was deeply hurt when his dedication was questioned. Senior cricketers protested against the matter and wanted immediate action to be taken against Abdul Awal Chowdhury.

The apology:

However, Awal took the first step towards resolving the matter when he apologised to Mushfiqur in public. “I am sorry [for my action],” Awal told reporters adding “I did not want to hurt him.”

Awal said that he was frustrated with Mushfiqur’s decision to leave without informing him which led to the slip of his tongue. “Actually I wanted to form the team with Mushfiqur in mind but when I learnt that he is leaving without informing me I was frustrated and maybe that is the reason something like that came out of my tongue,’ added Awal.