Kieron Pollard remains unaffected by introduction of new dimension cricket bats

Kieron Pollard remains unaffected by introduction of new dimension cricket bats

The West Indies batsman has already started using the bats of new dimension

Kieron Pollard MI
(Photo Source: BCCI)

The laws of cricket were recently modified by the Marylebone Cricket Club, and with that, it was also announced that from October 1, new dimension cricket bats will come to effect. The new dimension will see bat get lighter and smaller. The depth of the bat cannot be more than 67mm and the edge 40mm.

This may have come across as unhappy news to pinch hitters, but West Indies and Mumbai Indians batsman Kieron Pollard says the news has nothing to do with how he will perform with the new bat. He feels he has quite a few months to accustom himself to the new dimensions and get used to it.

“It comes into effect in October. It makes sense for me to change bats and get accustomed till October. We have started getting used to the new laws and new customs,” Pollard told reporters.

He further went on to say that the new dimensions were exactly the type of bat he always preferred anyway. Pollard has already started using the new dimension bat. He further said that as cricketers, they are bound to follow the rules made by people in authority.

“For me, it (new regulations) doesn’t make a difference. You know, as the man behind the bat, you have to swing and use your power. It is for people in authority to make rules and regulations. We as cricketers, we just have to follow. It’s simple as that,” the 29-year-old added.

Kieron Pollard’s performance in the start of IPL 2017 wasn’t very impressive. He then came in news for his banter with commentator Sanjay Manjrekar. But the tall and broad guy has turned on the style in his last two games.

Against the Gujarat Lions, he scored 39 runs off 23 balls. He hit two fours and three sixes as Mumbai Indians won by six wickets to top the Indian Premier League table.