Nidahas Trophy 2018, Final, IND vs BAN – Weather Forecast

Nidahas Trophy 2018, Final, IND vs BAN – Weather Forecast

What's the overall verdict?

Snake celebration
Snake celebration from the Bangladesh team after the victory over Sri Lanka. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Team India will be facing Bangladesh today in the finals of the Nidahas Trophy. Bangladesh has had a dream run in the tournament. They’ve beaten the home team Sri Lanka twice in this tournament to enter the finals. However, it will not be any easy for them in the finals as they will be facing the tournament favourites India.

After an early jolt in the first game of the tournament, India has come back strongly. They defeated Bangladesh in both the league games. Furthermore, they also defeated Sri Lanka in the second game to emerge as the leaders of the points table. They go in as the favourites into this game and it will be a daunting task for Bangladesh to defeat India.

Will rain cause an interruption?

According to the weather forecast in ‘AccuWeather’, it says there might be a thunderstorm in the PM. However, this might not cause much of an interruption to the game. As per the hourly weather report, there are around 47%-51% chances of rain between 1 PM and 3 PM. Even though it rains during this period, it shouldn’t affect the game by any means as the groundstaff will be having a lot of time to clear everything up.

The good news is that this prediction goes as low as 14% by the time it is 5 PM and slightly raises to 18% at 6 PM. Hence, there wouldn’t be any interruption to the toss as far as the prediction is concerned. But, the chances of rain raise up after 7 PM. It is 36% at 7 PM, 40% at 8 PM and again, it goes all the way up to 51% by 10 PM.

Since the chance of rain isn’t really on the higher side, the fans would be praying to get a full game. The Bangladeshi fans, particularly wouldn’t want to miss out on any action as their team has found the right form at the right time. They will hope that Bangladesh will be able to pull this off. India, on the other hand, looks a tad unsettled with their bowling and they will hope to rectify their previous mistakes in the break that they’ve got ahead of the finals.

Overall Verdict: Rain is expected to play 45-50% of a role in this game.

(Photo Source: AccuWeather)
(Photo Source: AccuWeather)

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