Second week of World Cup 2019 badly affected by rain; fans express frustration

Second week of World Cup 2019 badly affected by rain; fans express frustration

As many as three matches have already been washed out in his edition of the World Cup.

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground
Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The second week at the ICC World Cup 2019 failed to impress the fans, thanks to the relentless rain. The high-voltage clash between India and New Zealand scheduled at Trent Bridge on Thursday was also under threat of grey clouds and if this game too is washed out, four of the last seven games at the quadrennial event will stand washed out. Besides the teams that were hoping for two full points, the fans were left frustrated because of the weather intervention and took a dig at the International Cricket Council.

Starting June 7 when the match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka was abandoned, the clash between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka on June 11 was also abandoned. In between, the all-important match between the West Indies and South Africa was washed out after seven-and-half overs, leaving both sides in need of wins dejected. And now, the India versus New Zealand tie also looks under considerable threat.

World Cup 2019 has already seen most number of abandoned games

In terms of abandoned games, the 2019 edition has already made the record of being the most affected edition. While the 1979 edition saw a game between the West Indies and Sri Lanka getting abandoned, the current edition has already seen two which is the highest. In terms of matches with no result (unlike the abandoned games, these at least started but were not completed), 2019 has seen one such game so far, taking the tally to eight (1992 and 2003 had seen two games with no results).

The UK is witnessing more than average rainfall this June and it has negatively impacted the World Cup. The fans have also blasted the organisers asking why they hadn’t kept a reserve day for games that are washed out. The league matches have no reserve days in this World Cup and such an arrangement has been made only from the semi-finals onwards.

Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes couldn’t control his frustration after his team’s game against the Lankans was washed out. He even said that when mankind has succeeded in setting foot on the moon, why couldn’t the games have a reserve day. The ICC said on its part that keeping a reserve day for all games wasn’t possible because of logistical reasons.

Here is how the fans are reacting to the excessive rain in England affecting the World Cup: