Barisal Bulls

Masum Gazi
Team boy Masum Gazi gets a new franchise in Rangpur Riders for BPL 2017

“I’m so happy and feeling relieved," he said.

Mushfiqur Rahim BPL
Five-player rule hit local cricketers in the BPL

Not a single team utilized the maximum limit of 13 set for the procurement of local players.

Mustafizur Rahman
Mustafizur Rahman remains without a team after Barisal Bulls’ ouster

An open auction featuring the Barisal players is the most probable solution to the dilemma.

Barisal Bulls
Barisal Bulls owner confident of making a comeback

BPL governing council is not willing to give any more chance to Barisal Bulls.

Mushfiqur Rahim BPL
Barisal Bulls set to miss BPL-5

According to the BPL governing committee, Barisal franchise failed to meet financial requirements ahead of the season.

BPL build up will not affect Test preparations, feels Mushfiqur Rahim

"There is no chance of it causing a distraction for the players," quoted Mushfiqur Rahim.

Abdul Awal Chowdhury aplogises to Mushfiqur Rahim for his offensive remarks

The issue seemed to be dead serious as Mushfiqur Rahim almost broke down into tears while speaking about the same.

Mushfiqur Rahim BPL
Mushfiqur Rahim said something unacceptable against Barisal Bulls claims co-owner

“As the owner of the franchise, I didn’t like what he had to say," Chowdhury said.

Bangladesh cricket player Mushfiqur Rahim
Mushfiqur Rahim lashes out at BPL franchise owner

The owner of the team, MA Aoual Chowdhury had previously made a disrespectful statement previously regarding Rahim.