Mike Brearley
World Cup flashback: The slowest game ever in the ODI history

England chased down the target of 46 runs in 13.5 for the loss of two wickets.

South Africa
World Cup flashback: 19 consecutive dot balls to start a World Cup

Among the 12 editions of the World Cup, the 2003 tournament is the only one, to begin with, three straight maidens.

Hansie Cronje with the earpiece
World Cup flashback: When South Africa carried earpieces on to the field

Skipper Hansie Cronje and pacer Allan Donald sported the earpieces during the match.

Gujarat Lions IPL
The Best of 2017: Best T20 match of the year

From the many nail-biting finishes, we have selected an IPL game to be crowned as the best non-international T20 match.

MS Dhoni
Flashback: When MS Dhoni lost his cool after an on-field mistake

The ever calm and composed Indian wicket-keeper lost his cool and yelled at an outfield player for a goof-up.