Ernie Jones
January 4, 1898 – The first instance when a bowler was no-balled for throwing in Test cricket

Even if a bowler’s elbow straightening is inside the 15 degrees limit, the bowling action might put them in trouble.

Tom Curran
Ashes 2017-18: Boxing Day Test set to become only the 2nd Test with five sons of International cricketers

Ahead of the Boxing Day Test match in Melbourne, England lost the services of Craig Overton.

Eric Tindill
Eric Tindill – The man who played and officiated in both Cricket and Rugby

Eric Tindill is the only player to play Test matches in both Cricket and Rugby for New Zealand.

Gaddafi Stadium
December 15, 1977 – When Lahore Test between Pakistan and England was stopped due to riots

The Test match witnessed low scoring rates and the on-field invasions and riots on successive days.

Sourav Ganguly
December 11, 2000 – When Sourav Ganguly got suspended after winning the man of the match

Sourav Ganguly made three consecutive unsuccessful LBW appeals against the new batsman Mluleki Nkala.

When the shadow of a tree on the pitch nearly created controversy in an India-Pakistan Test

India’s Dilip Doshi walked towards the umpire by leaving the crease to complain about the shadow of a tree on the pitch.

Dwight Eisenhower
December 8, 1959 – When Dwight Eisenhower became the first US President to witness a Test match

Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower made his presence felt in the VIP stands during a Test match between Pakistan and Australia.

Umpire vs player
December 8, 1987 – When Mike Gatting and Shakoor Rana spat threatened to end the tour

Faisalabad witnessed England captain Mike Gatting and the on-field umpire Shakoor Rana involve in a heated argument.

Excessive sunlight
December 4, 1996 – When sunlight delayed an ODI in Pakistan

The ODI, which was scheduled to be a day game hosted by the Gujranwala's Jinnah Stadium, got delayed due to the rising sun.

Gaddafi Stadium
December 4, 1964 – The most one-sided match ever in cricket history

The Pakistan Railways team turned out to be too tough on the Dera Ismail Khan side who featured in their first-ever first-class match.