Stuart Binny

Stuart Binny

Stuart Binny and Mayanti Langer
‘When I met Stuart Binny, we were both nowhere’ – Mayanti Langer

"I’ve made peace that every tournament could be my last"

Mayanti Langer
‘You can’t do this, we need a new face’ – Mayanti Langer reveals that she got rejected for IPL four times in a row

Mayanti disclosed Stuart Binny's message before her first ever IPL game as presenter.

Stuart Binny
A few weeks after sustaining a fractured finger, Stuart Binny smacks a ‘hundred to remember’ for Nagaland

Binny didn't play any cricket after the game against the Delhi Capitals in May this year.

Stuart Binny leaves Karnataka to join Nagaland for domestic season

Binny is expected to join Nagaland’s pre-season camp at the Sovima Cricket Ground in Dimapur by September 10.

5 Indian cricketers who were lucky to play the World Cup

While some absolute legends never got a chance to represent India at the World Cup, some of them were lucky to make the cut.

Stuart Binny
IPL 2019: 5 Captaincy blunders of the season

If the decision making would've been better from the captains, the close matches could've gone either way.

Stuart Binny
Stuart Binny hilariously saves himself from mankading; Mayanti Langer couldn’t control her laughter

Binny played a noticeable cameo is his second outing for Royals in the tournament this season.

Stuart Binny
IPL 2019: Stuart Binny didn’t bat in a professional match in the last six months: Mayanti Langer

"When people forget you, choose your moments to remind them," she wrote.

Stuart Binny & Mayanti Langer
Mayanti Langer destroys trolls who tried to take a dig at Stuart Binny

Stuart Binny's knock of 33 was worth applause but couldn't give last laugh to Royals.