5. Australia vs India 3rd Test, Melbourne (2018)

“Fancy that Pant, extend your little Aussie holiday. Beautiful town Hobart too. Get you a nice apartment on the waterfront”. Perhaps after all of his exchanges, Paine then asked Pant to babysit so that he could take his wife for movies. Nevertheless, though the Indians declared their second innings for a score of 106-8, they pounced on Australia to win by 137 runs. Even the young Pant later was sledging Tim Paine as a temporary captain.

4. India vs England 4th Test, Mumbai

In his remarks, Anderson had said that Kohli’s high tally of runs in the series doesn’t prove his technique against the moving ball. Overall to put an end to the entire tussle, it was King Kohli who had intervened and calmed things down. Eventually, Ravi Ashwin was seen having the last laugh especially by making India win by an innings and 36 runs.

3. India vs Australia 2nd Test, Bangalore

The sledging was such that Aussies already had believed to be winning the game on Day 3. Further, even when Australia had required 178 runs to win, their batters had looked overconfident. In fact, in between when Ravi Ashwin had a bleak outing during Australia’s first innings batting, he had warned about a poor collapse in the second innings

2. Australia vs India 3rd Test, Sydney (2021)

Initially while taking on Ashwin, Tim Paine said that he can’t wait for India to reach Gabba. In response, Ashwin spoke, “I can’t wait for you to come to India, that will be your last series”. In fact, with Paine getting clearly rattled, he further added that “your teammates don’t even like you”, following which some abusive words were also then murmured by the gloveman.

1. England vs India 2nd Test, Lord’s (2021)

Eventually, to fetch redemption, Virat Kohli and boys not only celebrated every English wicket savagely but also got under the skin after every over. Especially the gloveman Rishabh Pant and Mohammad Siraj continued the war of words throughout England’s innings. Overall sadly by tasting their own medicine, England poorly lost the game by a margin of 151 runs.