5. Most T20I tons: 4 (Rohit Sharma)

Overall, even in his prime years in T20Is, Virat, unfortunately, had fallen short to score a hundred. Therefore getting four or five T20Is centuries looks conclusively non-viable.

4. Most International centuries: 100 (Sachin Tendulkar)

Comprehensively, if Kohli prolongs his career for the next six years then the batter needs around 5 tons per year to break the pinnacle chart. In reality, while he may again find his old scoring formula back, in the twilight phase particularly everyone becomes sluggish.

3. Most International Runs: 34,357 (Sachin Tendulkar)

The 33-year old has not even passed more than 1000 runs across formats in both 2020 & 2021. In addition to this, Virat is also expected to give up on a format (specifically T20Is) to prolong his international career. Hence even this achievement will be out of his reach in international cricket.

2. Most Test Centuries: 51 (Sachin Tendulkar)

All in all, the longest format is also the biggest hurdle in which King Kohli has been malfunctioning. Hence, the cricketer might fail to break this gigantic target.

1. Most Test Runs: 15,921 (Sachin Tendulkar)

Overall, the world realistically expects this run-machine to max play international cricket for the next 6-7 years. So even based on that assumption, the chances look very bleak that Kohli will surpass the current record.