5. Brett Lee

The ferocious fast bowler of Australia was menacing to face as a batter in the cricket field. Brett Lee had a variety of celebrations after taking a wicket in the game of cricket. His chainsaw celebration, and kicking his own legs style of celebration was one of the iconic celebrations of his career.

4. Sachin Tendulkar

He continued to glance up at the sky after hitting a century in whatever format of the game to remember and pay his respects to his deceased father. He continued to play for India until 2013, amassing the most runs of any player to date. This experience inspired him to give his all for his nation, and his celebration marks the pinnacle of his illustrious career.

3. Ben Stokes

On a somewhat dead pitch on day five, Stokes led England to a Test match victory over South Africa. The England all-rounder produced a stunning spell, bending his back and generating serious pace, to pick up three wickets and take his side past the finish line. Stokes posed with a folded middle finger after the match, which piqued interest.

2. Daren Sammy

Daren Sammy, had a unique way of celebrating a wicket when he was playing in the IPL for Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2013. He pulled out a pacifier from his pocket and placed it in his mouth, signaling the crowd with his hands held in a baby-carrier pose.

1. Sheldon Cottrell

Following each of his wickets, he marches down the pitch and salutes the dressing room. When asked about the significance of his celebration, he stated that it is a military salute. He is a soldier by profession, and saluting is only a sign of respect for the Jamaica Defence Force. When he was in the army, he practiced it for six months