5. Helicopter shot – MS Dhoni

Barring his prodigious captaincy and wicket-keeping skills, MS Dhoni has also been the founder of the Helicopter shot. Even during his infancy days for India, Dhoni used to powerfully whack it to counter the yorker or the reverse swing.

4. Ramp shot – Douglas Marillier

As being part of any batter’s improvisational skills, the ramp shot has now become a modern-day offering. If the fine-leg fielder is just inside then all one needs to do is bend on his knees and flick the ball over.

3. Standing hockey swat- Ross Taylor

Way back in the late 2000s, this shot was a trademark deal for Ross Taylor. As the bowlers used to curb Taylor’s leg-side scoring, the Kiwi batter used to walk towards the offside and drag-flick.

2. Switch Hit- Kevin Pietersen

When Kevin Pietersen had first played the switch hit shot, it even had impressed the old maestros like Geoffery Boycott. However, Pietersen’s brace against the Kiwis in 2008 seems to be prominent in all scenarios.

1. Uppercut- Sachin Tendulkar

Just like his sumptuous straight drive and the ingenious paddle-sweep, even the uppercut was Sachin Tendulkar’s signature offering. The batter had first exhibited the shot in South Africa in 2002 against the rapid pace of Makhaya Ntini.