1. India vs Pakistan 24th Oct in Dubai

The Indian side will play their first match of the tournament against Pakistan, on 24th October 2021. Needless to say, this blockbuster clash between the two arch-rivals is the most anticipated clash of the tournament this year. The marquee clash between India and Pakistan will be held in Dubai.

2.India vs NewZealand 31st Oct in Dubai

India will then have a one-week break, and will next take on the New Zealand side on 31st October 2021 once again in Dubai. 

3.India vs Afghanistan 3rd Nov in Abu Dhabi

The Indian side will play their third match of the tournament on 3rd November 2021, against the Afghanistan side.

4.India vs B1 5th Nov in Dubai

India will play their 4th match of the tournament against the first placed qualifier team from Group B on 5th November 2021 at Dubai

5.India vs A2 8th Nov in Dubai

The final Group fixture will be played on 8th November 2021, against the second-placed qualifying team from Group A in Dubai.