8.SriLanka – 3/10

The Sri Lankan side wears a predominantly blue-colored jersey with shades of orange, green, and a tinge of brown also added to their jersey. And, the jersey might not appeal to some viewers.

7. Afghanistan – 5/10

The Afghanistan side wears a semi-light blue jersey in T20Is. The jersey bears the name of the team in front in bold letters and also contains the name of the sponsor ACC Alokozay on the front part. There is also the logo of the team that is visible on top of the jersey.

6. South Africa – 5/10

The South African T20I jersey is a predominantly yellow-colored one with stripes of green running across the jersey as well. The jersey bears the logo of Cricket South Africa on the top left-hand side corner, with the name South Africa written in bold letters in the center of the jersey.

5. Australia – 6/10

The Australian cricket team now wears a jersey where the predominant colors are black and green. The jersey bears the name of Alinta Energy in the center, with the logo of the Australian cricket team and the picture of a kangaroo on the top as well.

The Pakistan team wears a jersey that is green in color. While light green is the dominant color on the jersey, the sleeves of the jersey are dark green in color. The jersey also bears the name of the main sponsor of the team, Pepsi. The jersey also bears the logo of the company Easypaisa.

4. Pakistan – 4/10

The New Zealand cricket team jersey bags a rating of 7/10. The Kiwis wear a jersey that is black in color. The New Zealand jersey looks attractive and catches the attention of the viewer.

3. New Zealand – 7/10

The retro jersey that the Indian side has worn in the recent past in T20Is has received a tremendous response from the public. The jersey is a throwback to the earlier days of Indian cricket, where they used to wear the dark blue jersey. And, the jersey surely has a sense of nostalgia attached to it.

2. India – 8/10

The top-ranked side in the world in T20I cricket has an extremely attractive jersey as well. The England cricket team has a red and blue gradient coloured jersey for T20I cricket. The jersey bears the logo of the Cinch on the front part of the jersey.

1. England – 9/10