What will happen if World Test Championship final ends in a draw or tie?

What will happen if World Test Championship final ends in a draw or tie?

The rules for the reserve day is also explained below.

ICC Test mace
ICC Test mace. (Photo Source: Twitter)

After the 2019 World Cup, the cricketing world is all set for the inaugural ICC World Test Championship. The extravaganza is set to get underway with the first Ashes Test between England and Australia, starting August 1 at the Edgbaston in Birmingham. Nine teams will be fighting it out to be crowned as the champions. There will be 27 series to continue until March 31, 2021.

The teams will play three series each home and away. Each series will comprise of a minimum of two and maximum of five Test matches. There will be a maximum of 120 points up for grabs in every series. A draw will fetch one-third of the points for a win and a tie fetches half the points. The apex cricket board recently announced that teams will be docked two points for slow over-rates.

Zimbabwe and the two newest entrants — Ireland and Afghanistan — won’t be a part of the WTC. The top two teams in the WTC will lock horns in the final scheduled to take place in 2021. In the meantime, there are doubts over what will happen if the final ends in a draw or a tie. It’s more so after the World Cup ended with a tie and England became champions on ‘boundary count’.

The applicable rules in case of a tie/draw

If such a scenario arises then the two teams will be the joint champions. The playing conditions allow for a reserve day, but it can only be used if the net playing time is lost during the scheduled five days of the final. The Net Playing Time for every game amount to 30 hours of play (six hours per day).

The reserve day comes into the picture only if the time lost during regulation play isn’t made up on the same day of play. For example, if one hour of play is lost during a day and then those lost overs are made up by the end of the day, then that is zero net playing time lost.

But if an entire day’s play is lost due to rain then one has to make up for six hours in those remaining days. If suppose three hours are made up for, then one is short of net playing time for the game. That is exactly when the reserve day comes into the fore.