World Cup 2019: I woke up wondering if it was a bad dream: Kane Williamson on final loss

Only if it was a dream, Kane!

Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson. (Photo Source: Twitter)

It was a heartbreaking loss for New Zealand in the World Cup 2019. A tie-breaker couldn’t break the tie in this humdinger of a game. Ultimately, England was declared the winner since they hit the more number of boundaries in the match. New Zealand’s skipper Kane Williamson still seems to have not gotten over the defeat and said he thought if it was a bad dream when he woke up the next day.

There were several factors which snatched the World Cup away from New Zealand. Some umpiring blunders, some serious misfortune and a few bad moves cost them dearly. It isn’t easy for any team to lose two World Cup finals in a row but nevertheless, it was an undeniably incredible final. The Kiwi players are still sinking in this bitter truth and can’t believe how fate played them. James Neesham seemed absolutely dejected and even came up with an emotional tweet after the loss.


The Blackcaps have received immense support from fans all around the world in the last few days. The aficionadi felt that they didn’t deserve to lose this encounter. Moreover, some also opined the trophy should have been shared by both the teams. Many even lashed out at the International Cricket Council (ICC) and demanded a change in the rules.

Kane Williamson opens up about the aftermath of the nail-biting game

Kane Williamson compared New Zealand’s loss to a ‘bad dream’ and spoke about how he’s been tackling with it in an interview with ESPNCricinfo. The Kiwi skipper spoke about the mixture of emotions after this loss. He still seemed to be bewildered with whatever has happened and is finding it hard to believe it.

“I sort of explained it to a few people, it’s like sort of hits you in waves. You feel like, 10 minutes, you forget about it and then you make little jokes and then it comes back to you and you go… ‘that just happened’ and ‘did that just happen’. ‘Is that real’. I woke up wondering if it was just a bad dream and it wasn’t, was it?” Williamson was quoted as saying.