10 cricketers and their football equivalents

10 cricketers and their football equivalents

These cricketers have similar anecdotes to those of their football counterparts.

2) AB De Villiers – Lionel Messi

AB de Villiers - Lionel Messi
AB de Villiers – Lionel Messi picture. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In layman terms, AB De Villiers is a cricketing genius of this generation. The South African was admired by the fans around the world as his batting was nothing short of a spectacle. Some of his shots defied the laws of Physics and his Superman efforts brought aura to the game.

What made De Villiers more special was his ability to play without getting affected by the situation of the game. Even on tough surfaces, he made the batting look easy which is similar to the craftsmanship of Lionel Messi on the football field. The superstar from Argentina has always attracted attention with his goal-scoring and playmaking skills.

Like De Villiers, Messi is considered one of the best to have played the game. More than the numbers they are remembered for their artistry on the field. Likewise, both the players have failed to inspire their side in global events and a lot of issues surrounded their early retirement. Eventually, Messi returned to the game and one cannot turn down the possibility of ABD return.