10 Most popular international cricket teams on social media

Who is the most followed team on social media?

Team India
Team India celebrates the series win. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Most of the international cricket teams try to stay connected with their fans through social media. All the important updates regarding the teams, players, schedules and various other news are shared through the social media mediums. The news spreads like fire courtesy the sharable content and is possibly faster than any other medium. Right from an IPL or a BBL team to some big international teams, everyone maintains their social media accounts really well.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular social networking sites. All the international cricket teams or the cricket boards have an official account across all of these platforms. The ‘reach’ in these platforms is very high and all these international teams have a huge number of followers on these platforms. The teams have been maintaining these accounts for some time now to reach the position where they are currently.

Here is the list of most popular international cricket teams on social media:

10. New Zealand | 2.379 Million Followers



The New Zealand cricketers often like to maintain a low-profile. The ‘Blackcaps’ prefer keeping things simple and go about their work quite silently. Also, most of their cricketers aren’t greatly active on social media. Hence, the New Zealand team has the lowest number of social media followers.

The Blackcaps have a total of 1.73 million likes on their official Facebook page. The Blackcaps have posted over 1,818 pictures on Instagram. They have 0.278 million followers on their Instagram page. Similarly, the New Zealand team doesn’t have a great number of followers on Twitter either. They have 0.371 million followers on the micro-blogging site.

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