10 Shameful Aspects in the Gentleman’s Game, Cricket

10 Shameful Aspects in the Gentleman’s Game, Cricket: Cricket is called the Gentleman’s game but at times even the gentleness of this game has been at stake by some nuisances being caused on the field. Over the years, we witnessed immoral banters taking on the field, be it the fight amongst the players like Miandad and Lillee, or the volcanic madness between Starc and Pollard in the IPL. Also, the game was thoroughly rotten through the rags of betting and match fixing scandals. The semi final of the 1996 World Cup and other prolific matches and even tournaments were fixed at a time, putting the entire image of the game into misery. The chastity of the game has been proverbially stained at times and the pages of history are the witnesses for the same.

In order to explore the other face of the coin, here we are going to put light upon the 10 Shameful Aspects in the Gentleman’s Game, Cricket:

1. Match Fixing Scandals:

Mohammad Amir
Mohammad Aamer. (Photo Source: PA Photos)

Cricket is a game with uncertainty. Now when the uncertainty is hindered and plots are being decided and the entire set of the fans are being fooled by executing pre-planned things in the name of uncertainty, the dignity of the game gets hurt. Yes, in short we are indicating about the poisonous effect of Match Fixing in the game and how big a shame it is for the game and it’s spirit! We have seen players being involved in fixing issues. We have seen players like Mohammad Aamer, Salman Butt, S Sreesanth, Hansie Cronje and many others fall into the rattrap of financial prospects and spoil the nature of the game for the same.


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