15 Cricketers you would want to catch if they were Pokemon

15 Cricketers you would want to catch if they were Pokemon

The Pokemon Go trend has spread like wildfire across the globe. The company Niantic that developed the game just launched it in the United Stated of America, Australia, New Zealand and a list of other countries but users from across the globe are already playing the game.

I don’t think we actually need to tell you ‘apk’ how to get it on your phones even if you are not from the countries where the game is officially launched. Most of us, Pokemon fans from the 90s have already fallen for the game and are absolutely in love with it.

With the world going head over heels for Pokemon Go how can the cricketing universe fall behind? So, we decided to give you this list of cricketers and the Pokemon who match them best, some for their qualities, some for the love they enjoy and a few for their demeanor. Here are the Cricketers you would want to catch if they were Pokemon.

(The first part tells you about the Pokemon, second about the player and the third is why they are equated)

1. Virat Kohli – Pikachu:

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Pikachu is an electric type Pokemon whenever he comes across something he is not comfortable with uses the thunderbolt. Pikachu was Ash’s first Pokemon and once they got to know each other became best of friends. He never lived in the Pokeball and didn’t evolve either.

Virat Kohli has in 2016 been at his best. Has not just been among the runs but has also won his teams matches almost singlehanded. Virat had a great start to the year with the Australia tour, followed by the Asia Cup T20 and the World T20 2016; he then led his side RCB to the final of the IPL with great charm and character.

Pikachu is without a doubt the most loved Pokemon and one close to the heart of most fans. If ever we were to be a Pokemon master Pikachu has to be in our team. Virat Kohli at this point in his career is the heartthrob of cricket fans around the world and given an option everybody would pick him in their teams. Pikachu thunder bolts and Virat is as fast as the thunder between wickets, on the field and loves to attack when in a situation of uncertainty.

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