3 Indirect positives of Coronavirus forced lockdown on Cricket

3 Indirect positives of Coronavirus forced lockdown on Cricket

If the curve is flattened in the near future, then an exciting cricketing season awaits the fans.

Surrey cricket stadium
Cricket stadium. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The coronavirus threat has stopped all cricket matches across the globe. It was during the middle of the March month, when the COVID-19 threat started looking quite serious which led to the cancellation of two ODI series, one between New Zealand and Australia and another between India and South Africa. Both the series had sorted to be played behind the doors but the outbreak had already become quite severe by then.

The Pakistan Super League also got cancelled mid-way after a few days, which started a chain of cancellations announcements across the globe. The Indian Premier League (IPL) took a major hit. The tournament was going to start on March 29 but was initially suspended till April 15. With the growing number of cases throughout the world, the tournament has now been completely suspended until further notice.

There are chances though that things will return to normalcy in the upcoming months which would then solve the current situation. So, we can expect the normal cricket will resume in a few days’ time. However, this forced break is actually helping many cricketers. Considering how much they have to travel every year, it is a blessing in disguise for them as they are finally spending some time with their families.

Here we bring you three indirect positives for Cricket due to Coronavirus forced lockdown:

1. India might not rest any key player for the Asia Cup

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli. (Photo Source: Twitter)

There is a pattern BCCI follows when it comes to the workload management. Players who play consistent cricket through the year in all three formats are generally rested for some tournaments. For instance, going into the Asia Cup 2018, skipper Virat Kohli was having a tough time managing his workload.

After playing the IPL entirely and also playing each and every match of India’s tour of England, Kohli asked for rest for the Asia Cup. Rohit Sharma was named the captain and India went on to win the tournament as well beating Bangladesh in the final. However, it was quite evident that fans and the team were missing the services of the regular skipper.

The 2020 edition is scheduled to be played in the 20-over format with T20 World Cup in sight. The tournament was originally going to be played in the month of September and act as the practice event for the Asian sides going into the T20 World Cup. There are chances that the tournament will be held in the United Arab Emirates and it remains to be seen if the conditions will improve in the near future.

India have won the last two editions of the tournament and would have their full squad ready to perform as all the players would have had enough rest on their back. Rather all the teams will have their full strength squads for the tournament.

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