5 players who became cricketers against their families’ wish

These players defied odds to write their own destiny.

Fakhar Zaman
Fakhar Zaman. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The people who have had the privilege to really understand how great a sport cricket is, have never fallen out of love for the game. The ones who haven’t played the sport on a professional level have often bunked classes to play around at what we call “Gully Cricket”. Or at least the fans have made their parents furious by watching cricket instead of studying for exams. And some had the privilege of watching the game with their parents, because who isn’t a cricket fan in India?

Everyone who has played cricket has loved the sport with all devotion and never treated it like a job but something they do for love. There’s money in cricket today, but even decades back people pursued the sport for the love they have for it and didn’t care about the gains. We have strange stories like Axar Patel’s who confessed that he didn’t want to be a cricketer.

While he aspired to be an engineer, his dad wanted him to play cricket. But that’s a rare scenario. Often parents want their children to study harder and excel at academics and there’s little room for sports left. Some players have faced opposition from their families and yet made it big in cricket against all odds.

Here are five such cricketers who went against their families’ will to pursue a career in the sport:

1. Murali Vijay

Murali Vijay
Murali Vijay. (Photo Source: Twitter)

At 17 years old, Murali Vijay would be sharing a small room with two other people at a hotel in Chennai, living on his own and working at a snooker parlour. A terrible student whose father once suggested he consider the job of a peon, Vijay flunked his board examinations. Not to be deterred, the Tamil Nadu opener decided to leave home for 6 months to get experience and follow his dreams of becoming an international cricketer, a career choice which his parents were not particularly fond of.

However, Vijay’s confidence and ability to back himself saw him not only see out that tough time of his life but pursue his chosen career with aplomb. Vijay eventually got selected for the Indian Test squad, scoring almost 4000 runs from 60 Tests.

A stylish right-hander, the opener’s life could well have been different and far less spectacular had he stuck to his parents’ wishes and never spent those 6 months sleeping on the floor of the Deluxe Hotel.


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