5 Venues that could become permanent Test centres in India

5 Venues that could become permanent Test centres in India

Virat Kohli wants India to have a set of Test venues where teams will know where they are playing.

2. Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai in the IPL
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Mumbai can well be termed as the cricketing centre of India. Most cricketing operations take place from here. Hence, the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai will be among the top runners to be one of India’s premier Test-match centres.

It was established back in 1974 and it hosted its first Test match in 1975. The stadium can hold a crowd of 45,000. In fact, the Wankhede crowd is deemed to be one of the nosiest in India. Thus, the fans are right behind the Indian team but also appreciate good cricket overall.

So far, Wankhede has played host to 25 Test matches. It underwent reconstruction and hence, it missed out on Test cricket for more than five years. However, since 2011, for three consecutive years, they hosted three Test matches. However, post-2014, they have got just one Test match which was against England in late 2016. Hence, Wankhede would love to host a few more Test matches and become one of the Test centres.