Aakash Chopra criticizes Airtel advertisement involving little children

Airtel put forth an advertisement that described features necessary in a smartphone of the future.

Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Former Indian opening batsman Aakash Chopra took to Twitter in order to criticize an advertisement by telecom giant Airtel. The company put forth an advertisement that described features necessary in a smartphone of the future.

The advertisement that upset Aakash Chopra featured a little girl who is asked about some of the specifications required in a smartphone. In response, the little girl replies that the smartphone should function like a bodyguard. She mentions that if anyone eve-teases a girl, the bodyguard will do whatever is necessary to protect her.


The aspect of the advertisement that attracted criticism from Aakash Chopra was the fact that it involves a little girl demanding a smartphone to save it from eve-teasers. He tweeted saying, “A little girl asking for the smartphone to have a bodyguard to save girls from eve-teasers…what does it tell us about advertising/India?”

He reiterated his disappointment with another tweet that read, “No, @Airtel_Presence, it isn’t cute/sweet. Sorry.”

Following retirement from international cricket, Aakash Chopra has been a regular face in the commentary box for tournaments, especially those that involve India. Apart from being in the Hindi comm box, Aakash has also been an analyst featuring on Star Sports and is currently providing his valuable analysis for the ongoing ICC Champions Trophy in England.

Aakash Chopra and his earlier Twitter war

However, this isn’t the first time Aakash Chopra landed in a controversy of sorts on Twitter. Earlier this year, he made a remark about Moeen Ali’s batting technique which sparked a bitter exchange of sorts between the two cricketers.

Aakash Chopra pointed out that Moeen Ali has been vulnerable to the bouncer. In response to Aakash’s tweet, Moeen Ali promptly tweeted a snapshot of Aakash Chopra’s career. He obviously hinted at the fact that Aakash Chopra wasn’t remotely as accomplished a cricketer as he was, and that he shouldn’t be passing judgments about his technique. Nevertheless, Moeen Ali went on to apologize for his ‘arrogance’ and tweeted, ‘I apologize. Was no need for it.’