Aakash Chopra narrates the story behind MS Dhoni’s gold-streaked long hair

Chopra had his first interaction with Dhoni back in 2004.

MS Dhoni Robin Uthappa
(Photo Source: Twitter)

MS Dhoni’s transformation from a brash and outlandish personality to a responsible and matured character is pretty much known to all. But there are parts of his story that are yet hidden even after 16 years. One of them was his story behind his long and gold hair that he sported at the start of his career. Aakash Chopra, the former Indian cricketer unveiled a part of the story of late.

The veteran went down the memory lane at a time when he shared the dressing room with the Jharkhand-born. It was during India’s tour of Zimbabwe and Kenya way back in 2004. Back then, Chopra had the privilege of donning the national colours in Test cricket. He asked Dhoni about the food he would like to have to which the latter put the ball on Chopra’s court.


When Chopra met Dhoni for the first time

Chopra said that he didn’t expect such a humble demeanour from the spunky young dasher. Chopra expected him to be dominant, but that wasn’t the case. Chopra reckons that greatness starts with humility. Chopra said that Dhoni didn’t reveal what he felt and that was pretty palpable when the keeper was on the park. It was a reason behind Dhoni getting the name of ‘Captain Cool’.

Chopra later asked Dhoni to shorten his hair as he sensed that people may not take the youngster seriously. Dhoni was clear-cut in his reply. He didn’t mince any words in saying that he won’t be shortening his hair. As per the Young Turk, he was hoping for people to take his long hair as a trend. Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf, once, also asked Dhoni to not cut short his hair.

Even as Dhoni is nearing the end of his glorious career, Chopra stated that the fans have indeed started following the dynamic cricketer’s footsteps. To make the revelations, Chopra uploaded a video on Instagram.

He captioned the picture and wrote, “The STORY of DHONI’s LONG hair! | HIS-tory | And what’s the story behind @mahi7781’s long hair? Let me share my memorable experiences of sharing a room with this legend almost 15 years ago in ‘HIS-tory’.”

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