'Are you hurting baby' - Yuvraj Singh tickles Kevin Pietersen as his football club fails to perform in EPL

‘Are you hurting baby’ – Yuvraj Singh tickles Kevin Pietersen as his football club fails to perform in EPL

Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen have always shared a little banter on Twitter

Kevin Pietersen and Yuvraj Singh
Kevin Pietersen and Yuvraj Singh. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Yuvraj Singh and Kevin Pietersen are friends out of the field, but the two former cricketers get along with each other other with their banters always. Even on Twitter, the two have at times shared tweets referring to each other in those while trying to make fun of each other at times. This is something which the two have been doing for some time and Yuvraj Singh recently took a cheeky dig at the former England cricketer. 

It is known to everyone that Kevin Pietersen is a huge fan of Chelsea and Yuvraj, on the other hand is someone who is a die-hurt fan of Manchester United. The two have often had banters over Twitter and sports shows about how they are at each other every time when it comes to football. 

In his latest tweet, Pietersen expressed his disappointment with the media and how it has been constantly changing its stance. He also said that it has become difficult to deal with the media in the United Kingdom.

Chelsea top of the premier league a month or so ago, now media after Lampard! Media after Ole a few months ago and now Utd top of the league so he’s ok! Dealing with the media in this country is as tough as the actual job!” the ex-England skipper wrote. 

‘R u hurting baby?’- Yuvraj Singh asks KP

After reading this, the former Indian batsman decided to take a dig at him for his team not performing well. He wrote, “R u hurting baby?” referring to if the England player was hurt with Chelsea not performing well in the EPL. In an interesting turn of events, Manchester United, who haven’t been at the top of their game for some years, is now topping the EPL points table. On the other hand, Chelsea currently holds the eighth position, which is pretty bad considering the solid team which they have. 


The cricketers were recently seen playing in Ultimate Kricket Challenge (UKC). The indoor cricket tournament saw a new and interesting concept of playing cricket. There were several stars like Eoin Morgan, Chris Gayle, Rashid Khan along with these two going at each other in a one-on-one cricket match. There were 16 matches played in this tournament, which were entirely hosted in an indoor stadium in the United Arab Emirates.