Ashwin still India’s best spinner says former Indian spinner Sunil Joshi

Sunil Joshi
Anil Kumble and former Indian cricketer Sunil Joshi. (Photo by Gurpreet Singh/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

There is been a dip in Ravichandran Ashwin’s form. Yes, 18 wickets after 4 Tests in the series are excellent for some bowlers but for Ashwin to his own standards, is underperforming. There have been comments from various spinners and former Indian players which target the off-spinner and are full of praise for the new number one Test bowler, Ravindra Jadeja.

Noshir Mehta, who plied his trade in the late 70s and early 80s is of the opinion that Ashwin should change his bowling action. He thinks that his run-up is too straight and that does not allow him to get side-on when he delivers the ball. Hence he can be effective on rank turner but struggles on flat tracks. He suggested some minor adjustments to be an effective bowler.


Mehta told Telangana today, “I think he has to make some corrections in his bowling technique. As an off-spinner, he doesn’t have a diagonal run and instead runs straight. By running straight, it is difficult to get side-on, the left-hand does not come into action and the right leg while finishing, points towards covers instead of at the batsman.

“Therefore, on slightly flat wickets or outside sub-continent, he will struggle. If he bowls a little more diagonally and makes these minor adjustments, he can be a much effective bowler,’’ Mehta added.

Sunil Joshi, the former Indian left-arm spinner said that Jadeja has improved drastically during this season and Anil Kumble deserves a lot of credit for that. Joshi was of the opinion that foreign players have got used to the subcontinent pitches and bowlers due to IPL.

Joshi said: “During his playing days, Kumble was master of accuracy and a disciplined bowler. He never wavered in line and length. Jadeja has benefited a lot from Kumble’s inputs. In today’s cricket, thanks to IPL, many of the foreign batsmen have become confident against sub-continent spinners.’’

Joshi believes that Ashwin still is India’s number one Test spinner even after a slight slump in form. “Ashwin may be little off-colour and trifle unlucky not to get wickets. He is still India’s best spinner.” Joshi also said, “Yes, of course, Jadeja has made rapid strides.’’