The Australia captain has a big say in who gets the nod: Mark Waugh

The Australia captain has a big say in who gets the nod: Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh
Former Australian Test and one-day international batsman Mark Waugh. (Photo by GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Australian skipper Mark Waugh has stated that the Australian skipper Steve Smith has a considerable influence when it comes to the selection of the Australian team on the selector’s table. Mark Waugh has been a selector for about two years and with the current system in place, it seems quite clear that the Aussies need some inspiration from somewhere.

Waugh opined that it was understandable that Smith’s opinions on players had to be respected. “I have only been a selector for a couple of years but I assure you the captain has a big say in the team,” Waugh told on Wednesday. “He’s not a selector but you respect what he says. He’s got to deal with the players on the field so you need to give him the players he wants.”

Waugh also spoke a few words on the confidence of the Australian Test side at the moment. “At the moment the next level of players underneath the Test team, the runs just aren’t there,” he said. “The younger guys in state cricket haven’t got the volume of runs to knock the door down. As selectors I think we will be guessing a little bit and using our gut instinct, (asking) ‘This guy hasn’t quite made the runs, is he going to be better at the next level?'”

He also added that there would be sweeping changes at Adelaide. “Obviously there will be changes at Adelaide. I can’t say how many or who at this present point in time,” he said. “But I can assure you we are looking at a lot of batsmen. And if someone sticks their hands up and gets a 150 or a 100 in this round then it is really important.

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“But I think now we’re at a stage where we’re going to be sitting down and (acknowledge) it’s not working,” he added. “The team we’re picking at the moment – the batting, we’re having too many batting collapses.”