Bangalore surface gets a ‘very good’ rating from ICC

Cricket pitch Chinnaswamy Stadium IPL
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, India. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

The Indian team’s decision to play on a rank turner in the first Test backfired so brutally that their batsman couldn’t get past day three. Indians learned their lesson in the first test and decided to play on pitches that would have something for the batsmen and the fast bowlers in store as well.

The Bangalore pitch was extremely competitive and had the right amount of balance between bat and ball. India pounded Australia by 75 runs and the match lasted for a good part of four days. Indians now don’t fear to play until day five and winning the series from here onwards.


A source close to team India told TOI the same. “From Bangalore onwards, the team is looking to play on tracks which would turn from Day Three and not from Day One,” said the source.

Indians battered South Africa 3-0 playing on rank turners and looked to do the same to Aussies only to go 1-0 down in the series. The source cleared the air and said that team India are now hoping for the pitches that were given to them during the New Zealand and the England’s visit.

The source said: “The team decision to play on a turner in Pune was taken to put pressure on the visitors from the word go. But the toss became an important factor. After Pune defeat, the team is banking on kind of tracks which won them Test series against New Zealand and England.”

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However, there is more good news for India after the win in Bangalore. According to the sources of TOI, the M Chinnaswamy pitch was rated as “Very Good” by the match referee Chris Broad. The same match referee rated the Pune pitch as “poor”. There are five kinds of ratings, ‘good, average, below average, poor and unfit’.

The match referee was satisfied with the Bangalore pitch as the test match lasted for four days. The match brought out the best of both teams and India were better for the crucial part of the test matches which won them the game.