Bangladesh’s spin coach will be an Asian

BCB is also looking to hire a fielding coach for the team.

(Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images)

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has decided to appoint a spin bowling coach who will help Shakib & Co. to increase their lethal-ness. According to the director and Cricket Operation Committee chairman Akram Khan, BCB is looking to hire an Asian spin bowling coach who is seasoned with the sub-continental pitches. However, he chose to remain tight-lipped about their shortlisted personnel.

Besides a spin bowling coach, Bangladesh is also looking to hire a fielding coach so as to raise the standards in the field. They have already approached the legendary fielder Jonty Rhodes. They will be playing two matches against Australia in their home. Though Jonty won’t be appointed before the series against the Aussies, BCB is desperate to hire a spin bowling coach before it.

“We’re talking with four-five persons. Within the next few days, we’ll select one-two from them. Actually, we talk with those if we could let them agree, we will then bring him for the team. At this moment, I can’t disclose their names. We fell in problem what you all saw in the past. So I could not want to reveal their names. But when we will finalise the deal then we will officially announce the name,” said Akram while speaking to the media.

When asked why the board is delaying in hiring the spin bowling coach, he replied: “We were trying since so many days. But they were engaged but we could not bring them. But there is no contractual problem of them. We are waiting for them. Hopefully, we could settle the matter before the Australia series.

Regarding BCB’s preference to an Asian coach, Akram said “We’re trying to rope in an Asian as the spin coach as we are an Asian country. I think they will be better for us than a non-Asian. We’re trying to bring the new spin coach. We have got its proof as we did well with the help of Asian coach. We’ve similarity with them. So it’ll be better for us if the coach is Asian,” Akram said.

BCB wants a coach with “ample experience”

Bangladesh is a very competitive team nowadays and they have shown their ability in the grandest stages of cricket like World Cup and Champions Trophy. For the betterment of the players, the BCB wants to hire an experienced coach.

“We’ll prioritise on them, whose will have ample experience in coaching and having quality works. We all know that some coach has a good career but he is not good as a coach. Again, some coach has no big career but he is good as a coach. Actually, we will give our preference to them on the base of those things,” revealed Akram.