‘Barmy Army’ of England reveals their demonetization story

‘Barmy Army’ of England reveals their demonetization story

Barmy Army
A member of the Barmy Army plays the trumpet. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

While the demonetization has had its effect on the Indian people, the ‘Barmy Army’ of England also has been hit. The England cricket team has also stated their own problems with the new rules that have been indicated by the Modi government. Andy Thompson, the manager of the ‘Barmy Army’ went on to illustrate the story when their old currencies were not accepted at Rajkot.

Thompson had hurt his leg and was in the hospital to have an X-Ray done. The manager went on to add that none of them had their credit cards as well. “We’ll never forget that boy,” says Thompson, referring to the hotel’s assistant manager. “He rushed to the clinic, swiped his debit card and bailed us out.”

“We knew we were in for some trouble, but we didn’t know it was this grave. We thought we (tourists) would have some exemption. But there was none. We had Rs 55,000 among the 12 of us and a meager amount of small change. We realized we didn’t even have the money to sustain us in Rajkot. We were so dependent on cash because the cards didn’t work,” he says.

“What else could we do, so we went ATM-hunting. It was a city detour for us and I can proudly say that I have walked down the entire city,” chuckles Thompson.

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“One among us knew a couple of players well. We came to know that the hotel they were staying in accepted old notes from them. So we’d give it to them and they would help us exchange the money. We got almost Rs 9,000 that way. But then, we can’t give all the notes to them,” says Thompson.

“He knew a couple of people in the bank, and he took us through the back door. We felt guilty and shameful because so many people were standing in the sun and we were given a preferential treatment,” says Thompson.

Thompson also went on to add that there would be riots in England if the 5 and 10-pound notes were banned. “If it were to happen in England, if they were to ban 5 and 10-pound notes, there will be riots for sure. Here, I think people were much tolerant, and it busted some of our perceptions of the country,” he says.

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