BCCI officials unhappy with Anil Kumble wanting India to play in Champions Trophy

"Kumble writing to the Board about his decision of wanting to play in the Champions Trophy was uncalled for," a BCCI official quoted.

Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble News
Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble. (Photo Source: Twitter)le

A dark cloud still hovers over the participation of the Indian team in the ICC Champions Trophy. The ongoing tussle between the BCCI and the ICC over the revenue sharing has left India’s participation on a shaky ground. There are some officials from the BCCI who are keen on skipping the ICC mega event while others believe that India should defend their title. Meanwhile, team India head coach Anil Kumble recently expressed his opinions on the issue.

Kumble had reportedly sent his opinion to the board wherein he expressed his desire to let the Indian team participate in the tournament. While his opinion was totally personal, many top officials have been offended by the suggestions. They believe that Anil Kumble giving his opinion on the issue is uncalled for. They believe it is the administrators of the game who should be taking the call.


As per the recent quotes in the Hindustan Times, one of the officials recently spoke about the same. He indirectly suggested Anil Kumble to stay in his business and not interfere with the administration.

“It is the institution which decides, and not one individual. Kumble writing to the Board about his decision of wanting to play in the Champions Trophy was uncalled for. He had no business in doing this,” an official quoted.

Adding on the same note, another official said the head coach could find himself in trouble for his uncalled advice once the internal matters of the BCCI are resolved. “Kumble is going to be on a sticky wicket for this act once the Board members take control of BCCI. It is just a matter of time,” an official quoted.

In case the team is sent for the tournament, the officials said that the visa procedure is the only thing that would take time. Barring that, things should not be a concern. However, they maintained that the option to withdraw is still open for the BCCI.

“The visa procedure will take time, while the option to withdraw is always there,” an official remarked.