'Best club in the world' - Manchester United fan Yuvraj Singh gives a hilarious reply to Chelsea fan Kevin Pietersen

‘Best club in the world’ – Manchester United fan Yuvraj Singh gives a hilarious reply to Chelsea fan Kevin Pietersen

Pietersen is a big fan of Chelsea, which is a rival club of Manchester United.

Kevin Pietersen and Yuvraj Singh
Kevin Pietersen and Yuvraj Singh. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many debates about playing sports behind the closed doors. Even though it seems like a viable option at this moment, it is not the best experience for the players. Nonetheless, players are surely appreciating this given their safety and their fans’ safety amid this situation.

The English Premier League (EPL) has started again. The league has been going on without any crowds. It was a joyous occasion for all football fans as the sport was back on television.

However, former England cricketer and Chelsea fan Kevin Pietersen didn’t seem to be having fun, given the no fans in the stands situation. The former batsman decided to dish out his opinion on Twitter.

Yuvraj Singh shows his love for Manchester United

The ex-cricketer posted from his official Twitter handle, raving about the ‘closed-door’ scenario. Taking to Twitter, Pietersen wrote: “Football with no fans,” and added a tired emoticon with it. He was trying to imply that it is boring to watch football without the fans.

After this tweet from Pietersen came, his old friend and Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh was quick to respond and post a cheeky reply. Yuvraj, who is a fan of the Manchester United, which a rival club of Chelsea, posted that fans are supporting the ‘best’ club in the world. He wrote, “Fans on the ground! Fans at home doesn’t matter bud, we always support the best club in the world @ManUtd.”

A few days back, Yuvraj Singh had sent out a message for Manchester United player Marcus Rashford. “I just want to tell Marcus that, about fans not being there in the stadium, fans are always behind you, whether in the stadium or at home, we always have your back,” Yuvraj Singh had said during an interaction by Sony Network for their show Pit Stop on its Facebook page.

Like football, cricket has also adopted the behind the closed doors plans. When England and West Indies will clash off against each other next month for the three Tests, all the matches of that series will be played behind the closed doors in a biosecure environment. In fact, their next series against Pakistan will also follow this pattern.