England's T20 Blast is the best league, not IPL : David Llyod

Blast is best T20 competition in the world due to its longevity: David Lloyd

IPL is a private enterprise, benefiting already wealthy people, said David Lloyd.

David Lloyd
David Lloyd. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Former England Cricketer David Llyod has issued a bold statement by claiming that England’s T20 Blast is the best league in the world when it comes to the shortest format of the game. The statement stands to be a huge one when the ongoing season of IPL is nearing its successful business end.

Being a veteran commentator, Llyod stated that England’s T20 Blast is best not because of its overall quality but also for the longevity it delivers. He considered the final days of the tournament “one of the greatest days” in the cricket calendar as both semi-finals and finals take place on the same day at the same venue.

IPL is a private enterprise, benefiting already wealthy people: David Lloyd

During an interaction with EspnCricinfo, Llyod added: “I think the Blast is the best T20 competition in the world – not for its quality necessarily, but for its longevity, the joy that it brings to spectators in the UK culminating in one of the greatest days in the cricket calendar – Finals Day – which I used to dread. Fourteen hours, full-on, with a mascot race when I didn’t have a clue what they were doing and the Hollies Stand where they don’t know what day it is from 10 o’clock in the morning,”

The former England cricketer has called the IPL a ‘private enterprise’ as it helps only wealthy people. According to him, this template is working only for the Indian audience as cricketers are treated like Gods in the country.

“I have worked on the IPL, but it is a private enterprise and benefits already wealthy people. The T20 Blast is for the people and bringing money into the game. That’s a major factor for me in saying it is the best. The IPL fits an Indian audience because the players are Gods out there, but it is deadly serious,”

“If I am doing a T20 game I’ll have a hoot. Blokes messing up and having a laugh, although serious enough that everyone cares about the outcome. I embraced the competition straight away and could see that it is fun and entertainment,” Lloyd added.

T20 Blast is scheduled to begin on coming Wednesday (25th May). English players will be available for the 20th edition of this tournament apart from those who will be on international duties. The tournament will continue up to the 16th of July 2022.