Brett Geeves opens up about sledging against Phil Hughes

Brett Geeves
Australia’s bowler Brett Geeves. (Photo by ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images)

Brett Geeves, the former Australian ODI player has gone on to reveal the sledging that went on in the fateful match that Phil Hughes lost his life. In the recent inquiring that concluded the previous day which saw the family of Phil Hughes walks out pretty irate, Geeves has shed some light on what exactly went on in the field of play on that fateful day.

Geeves began his testimony with a few anecdotes on Phil Hughes stating that he was not one to shy away from the short-pitched delivery. Geeves also went on to add that sledging was a part of the events that took place on the day.


“Phil Hughes had a perceived weakness to the short ball. It’s not that he couldn’t play it, or that he feared it, he just didn’t score as efficiently as when the ball was delivered on your cliched everyday line and length.”

“And having used this very tactic to Phil on a fast and spicy green wicket at Bellerive, I can tell you that fear was not an emotion that Phil outwardly displayed. He seemed to embrace the challenge like no other and after Ben Hilfenhaus and I had peppered him with a barrage of verbal and short balls over two innings, we looked to the scorecard at the end of the game to find that Phil had created history.”

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“The current inquest into Phil’s death is providing insights into that fateful day and they are the happenings of the majority of Phil’s innings. In fact, they are the happenings of the battles between bat and ball all over the world over the past century.”

Sean Abbott, the bowler of that fateful delivery also went ahead and gave his statement which read, “Once in the change room, I felt confused and upset. I had a headache, people kept coming up to me but I cannot remember what they said. It was all a bit of a blur and I felt like I was in a bit of a daze. I felt super tired. These feeling stayed with me for the next few days.”

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