Chris Cairns receives aid from NZ's Cricket Players' Association before his shift to special spinal unit

Chris Cairns receives aid from NZ’s Cricket Players’ Association before his shift to special spinal unit

Cairns lives with his family in Canberra, currently.

Chris Cairns
Chris Cairns. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

It is known to all that former New Zealand Player Chris Cairns suffered a major medical issue last month, an aortic dissection in which a tear occurred on his inner layer of the body’s main artery. Due to his severe condition, he was rushed from Canberra to Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital. It has to be noted that while he underwent life-saving surgery in Sydney, he suffered a major spinal stroke that left his legs paralyzed.

Talking of his current condition, as Cairns is in paralyzed condition and awaiting a move into the special spinal unit, New Zealand’s Cricket Players Association is supporting the player and his family. As he is in critical condition, he will have to face a long path on way to full recovery, when will return to Canberra, where he lives with his wife and children.

In the same light of events, NZCPA chief Heath Mills added that Cricketers’ Trust is open to all the past players to apply for, and they are doing their best for Cairns and his family but wouldn’t go into details on this sensitive matter.

We have been in regular contact with Mel Cairns and the family: NZPCA Chief

“We have been in regular contact with Mel Cairns and the family, through our personal development manager Paul Hobbs. Obviously, it’s an awful situation for Chris and the family and we are supporting them where we can,” said Mills as quoted by

It has been reported that Cairns spoke to friends in NZ via video call during the last week and remained in ‘good spirits’ despite undergoing a lot in the last few weeks. His wife and children are allowed to visit by his bedside whereas his mother still remains away due to the hard COVID-19 lockdown in Canberra.

“Chris and his family remain appreciative of the immense public support as they deal with this difficult time. They also appreciate the way in which their privacy has been respected. Chris and his family now want to focus on spending time together where possible and making whatever progress they can in his recovery,” read the latest statement from Cairns family.