Convincing Kumble could convince BCCI over DRS: ICC CEO

Convincing Kumble could convince BCCI over DRS: ICC CEO

ICC CEO Dace Richardson feels that the International Cricket Council needs to convince their own Cricket Committee chief Anil Kumble before they try to change the BCCI’s stand on the Decision Review System but ICC CEO Dave Richardson said during a media interaction on Friday., “the world body is hopeful of changing the Indian stand by first convincing ICC Cricket Committee chief Anil Kumble about the controversial innovation.”

“Can Kumble convince the BCCI? First of all, we must convince Mr. Kumble. I’m more worried about them taking part in the debate rather than just sitting outside refusing to even talk about it,”

“At the moment, Anil Kumble chairs the ICC cricket committee. He’s a member of a working group set up to specifically review DRS and how technology is going to be used in the future. I don’t want to put a time limit on it,” he added.

“India hasn’t accepted the DRS. How long would it take to convince BCCI? Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t think we should limit ourselves to a certain time. BCCI will make up their mind in due course. All that we need to make sure is that they’re at least privy to the latest information so that they understand the quality of the technology that is available.” He further added.

“As the CEO of the organisation which N. Srinivasan chairs, I will be having regular meetings with him. What I like about the position is that for the first time, the BCCI will be very much part of the governance structure, playing a full role in developing the strategy going forward. So I am looking forward to working with the BCCI,” he said.

Richardson showed happiness at BCCI is taking up the leadership role in the development process of the ICC.

“Their (BCCI) approach was always to sit on the outside, not to partake in developing strategy. They left that to the other people. Now for the first time, they have taken the responsibility on their shoulders to lead in developing the strategy,” he said.

Richardson said it will be pleasing if all the organizations take part in the strategy making process.

BCCI and even the Indian skipper MS Dhoni have been vary of the use of DRS in all matches as they feel the technology is not yet foolproof and there have been incidents which make it evident that it needs to be fine tuned before pushing at the DRS for a full fletched system into international cricket.