Cricket Academy of Pathan Brothers Unrevealing of the CAP

Cricket Academy of Pathan Brothers Unrevealing of the CAP

Cricket Academy of Pathan Brothers Unrevealing of the CAP.(Photo Sorce : CricTracker)
Cricket Academy of Pathan Brothers Unrevealing of the CAP.(Photo Source : CricTracker)

Mumbai, Thursday:

Irfan and Yusuf Pathan together known as the Pathan brothers launched their cricket academy here called the CAP Cricket Academy of Pathan Brothers. The academy will be function in co-ordination with former Indian coach and Australian player Greg Chappell. Its first academy will be set-up at Baroda in Gujarat also the hometown to the two.
Both Irfan and Yusuf in a press conference, hosted by famous journalist and anchor Mikkhail Vaswani introduced the media to the concept behind the academy. “The motivation behind the idea is to let young, aspiring cricketers, get good world class infrastructure and facilities. Though we are starting this early, but we will not be coaching in the academy. We will have a set of coaches and a head coach who will be trained by Greg Chappell  and Cameron Tredell. The two are also the guys who have designed the curriculum for CAP” said Irfan.

He also added that, “It is not a conventional academy, we will collaborate with schools, use their infrastructure on our coaching manual. The focus will also be on Physiological aspect of the trainee as well as their nutritional needs. I myself have suffered from injuries due to deficiency of some or the other nutrient that is the reason we want to also focus on this aspect.”

Asked about his own cricket both Irfan and Yusuf said, “We have at least 5 to 7 years of cricket ahead of us and is the reason we won’t be coaching at the academy. Though we will make it a point to be around and observe the progress. The idea is to have a look at the students at the start of the module which will last for 8-9 weeks and then follow-up their progress by the end of it.”

The CAP is set to start its first academy by the end of October and are expecting to set it up at 50 cities in India by 2015. Greg joined in the conference via Skype, congratulated the two players for the initiative along with extending his complete support they would require.

Along with this Yusuf who will be playing for the KKR in the upcoming CLT20 looked confident of making a comeback. At the same time Irfan said, “At the moment I cannot tell you the plan but, give me a couple of months and I am confident of a national return quite soon as well.”

The younger Pathan signed of the event saying ‘ I will make sure the questions on what I am doing for a comeback transform to what did I do for such a comeback.’

Irfan Pathan made an official tweet about the CAP as his twitter handel