5 goof-ups that have happened during the toss

Here are five instances when the toss grabbed the attention due to strange reasons

Rohit Sharma at Toss
Rohit Sharma at Toss. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Rounak Tewari
Rounak Tewari

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2. Rohit Sharma’s confusion during Ind vs Nz 2022-23 second ODI at Raipur

In the first-ever international game hosted at Raipur, India skipper Rohit Sharma and New Zealand captain Tom Latham went on the field for the toss. As the Indian skipper flipped the coin, Latham called ‘heads’. The coin, however, favoured India, and the match referee Javagal Srinath asked skipper Sharma about his decision.

Reacting to the question, the 35-year-old took a moment of pause as he forgot whether India will bat or first. This brain-fade moment of the Indian captain left the match referee Srinath and the Kiwi skipper Tom Latham in splits. However, Sharma later decided to bowl first and admitted that he had plenty of discussions with his team about the coin toss.

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