Cricket Australia announce the first statue of a female cricketer outside Sydney Cricket Ground

Cricket Australia announce the first statue of a female cricketer outside Sydney Cricket Ground

Australian vice-captain Rachael Haynes has joined the initiative by CA to remove gender inequality in sports.

Sydney Cricket Ground
Sydney Cricket Ground. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Australia is a sports-crazy country. This also explains why the country is a global competitor in some of the most famous sports such as football, cricket, hockey, etc. There are many statues and sculptures of cricketers around the country. The exact figure seems to be 73, but all of them depict male cricketers. 

Cricket Australia, however, has decided to change that. This news comes after CA on Monday commissioned the first of a female cricketers’ memorabilia in order to address what has been a hugely debated gender imbalance in the system. Which famous women’s cricketer will get a statue has not been announced yet. 

What has been announced for now is that a bronze statue will be revealed and will stay on display at the Sydney Cricket Ground, which has also been host to many other male cricketers’ statues. Cricket Australia further announced that a working group will be tasked to help in better recognition for female cricketers and will also name sports grounds’ stands after women. The news also comes on International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on March 8. 

Australian women’s cricket team has won six ODI World Cups and five T20 World Cups so far

CA interim chief Nick Hockley addressed the media regarding this. “Just as this year’s International Women’s Day theme promotes ‘choose to challenge’, we are committed to challenging ourselves to continue to address gender inequality across our game,” said CA interim chief Nick Hockley and was quoted by Times of India. 

Australian women’s team vice-captain Rachael Haynes has been included in the effort and has revealed to the reporters she was excited to be part of this initiative. “Working alongside some pretty incredible female leaders to help us try and improve some of the inequalities that exist in our sport,” Haynes said. 

A statue of a women’s cricketer should have been done several years ago, considering that the first time the women’s national cricket team played a match was against England way back in 1934. The women’s team has won six ODI World Cups, five T20 World Cups and has been the most successful team in international women’s cricket.