‘Why go back to decision of on-field umpire’ - Sachin Tendulkar ‘disagrees’ with current DRS format

Sachin Tendulkar opined that the umpires should go with the technology instead on going back to the decision of on-field umpire.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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India great Sachin Tendulkar expressed his stance on one of the most controversial topics in cricket- the Decision Review System (DRS). The former India cricketer made a straightforward remark on the current DRS format and conveyed his disappointment over the umpire's call.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave, the ‘Master Blaster’ opined that the umpires should go with the technology instead of going back to the decision of the on-field umpire. He further stated that the current method has caused chaos as there is a ‘mixing’ between the umpire's call and the DRS call.

"I completely disagree with the current format, if the ball is hitting the stumps, it's out, and if not, the batter continues to bat. When someone, either the batter or bowler, is unhappy with the on-field umpire's call and that's why they go to the third umpire. Then why are they going back to the decision of the on-field umpire? If you've decided to go that route (with technology), then go that route. But what we're trying to do is mixing both things, and I disagree," said Tendulkar.

Technology is not fool-proof and so are humans: Tendulkar

Tendulkar further added that he would have enjoyed taking reviews during his playing days. In addition, he added that neither technology nor humans are fool-proof and that before DRS, umpires would make mistakes that would cost a team a win.

“Quite a few, I couldn’t count them on my fingers for sure (when asked how many times he would’ve referred to DRS if it existed during his playing days). I would have loved it, without any doubt. Some decisions go in your favour, some go against you as well,” added Tendulkar.

“We’re only pointing fingers at technology, but it’s not fool-proof and so are humans. Before DRS, there were blatant mistakes made and because of those mistakes and because a third person was deciding the fate, matches were either lost or won,” he concluded.

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