Damien Martyn gets into an ugly spat with a footballer on Twitter

Damien Martyn gets into an ugly spat with a footballer on Twitter

"Would I play that shot again? No." looks back Martyn

Damien Martyn
Mohali, INDIA: Australian cricketer Damien Martyn practices with his bat during a training session at the Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) stadium in Mohali, 28 October 2006. The ICC Champions Trophy 2006 match between India and Australia will be played in Mohali on 29 October. (Photo by PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Australian batsman Damien Martyn has recently found himself engaged in a Twitter battle with a renowned Australian rules footballer Clayton Oliver, over the controversial dive he made during Melbourne Demons game against West Coast.

Martyn being an ardent West Coast fan wasn’t amused watching the 19-year old antics on the field and was quick to tweet his reaction after the controversial dive from the footballer. However, Oliver was quick to remind the cricketer’s not-so-fond-memories of the Sydney Test of 1994, where the then 21-year old could not steer his side home even after being perilously close to the total.

Earlier Martyn tweeted by saying, “@Starkieb4 @7AFL @adrianbarich @ClaytonOliver16 Am I watching soccer???” To which Oliver was quick to reply,” @damienmartyn @Starkieb4 @7AFL @adrianbarich Hey Damien, you should just worry about that shot in 1994. Link if you can’t remember – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bEwioYsFVo8 … #amiwatchingachoker”

Oliver’s defense

In his defense, Oliver claimed, “Just sort of clipped me, and sort of rocked me a little bit, I just sort of fell backwards and wasn’t really ready for it. I don’t want to look like a faker or anything like that, so yeah, it sort of just rocked me and just sort of wasn’t ready for it” according to cricket.co.au.

Looking back at the infamous Sydney Test match of 1994 which kept Martyn out of action for more than six years in test cricket, the right-hander commented “We’d lost a Test match. I blamed myself. I felt it was my fault, even though I made 50-odd (59) in the first innings and the wicket wasn’t great that final day, I batted for ages and was gutsing it out. As a young bloke, I watched all these legends getting out.” said Damien Martyn.

“I remember Ian Healy saying one meter either side and you’re a hero. Would I play that shot again? No. But at 21, you think differently. I paid a big price. I was out of the Test team for six years. I didn’t bat well for a couple of years so it took me a while to get my passion back. I didn’t think I’d make it back to Test cricket at that point.” quipped a nostalgic Martyn.