David Warner reveals how wife Candice helped him overcome his drinking problem

Warner is relishing being a family man and his first priority are his wife and three children.

Cricketing trends David Warner (Photo Source: Twitter)
David Warner and Candice Warner. (Photo Source: Twitter )

David Warner’s redemption story was finally completed this past week when he was conferred with the highest honour bestowed in Australian cricket- the Alan Border medal. Warner was at the nadir of his career two years ago in the immediate aftermath of the Newlands ball-tampering scandal. Warner was seen as the mastermind of the entire plot and the one who chalked out the plan before influencing rookie Cameron Bancroft to implement it.

During his speech after receiving the Alan Border Medal, Warner broke down while mentioning his wife Candice’s name was symbolic of how much she has supported her in her revival from the nadir that was the ball-tampering scandal where his reputation was ripped to tatters.


In fact, this has been the story of David Warner’s career. He has always been under scrutiny for his on-field as his off-field shenanigans rather than his personal form. His drinking issues in the past are well documented too.

Prior to the 2013 Ashes, Warner got himself entangled in a pub brawl in Birmingham with the current English Test captain Joe Root when the southpaw punched him in the face after downing jaeger bombs and vodka and was subsequently sent home for the misdemeanour. Warner, in the latest 98 Podcast revealed how his wife Candice saved his career by warning him to stop drinking and clubbing.

“I had a few misdemeanours [in the past]… when I was younger I used to drink a fair bit and burn the candle at both ends. You can do that when you’re young and I was able to do that – although I don’t condone it,” Warner told the 98 Podcast as quoted by Daily Mail.

Talking about how Candice told him her peace of mind, he said– “I got a bit of a slap to the back of the head. [Candice] was asking me questions like– Why are you not disciplined? Why are you drinking alcohol? Why are you not getting up early when you’re competing?”

David Warner is glad that he married Candice at the right time

The southpaw admitted that he had ‘no choice’ but to listen to Candice even though all of his teammates drank. Warner also admitted that drinking alcohol was a culture in Aussie dressing rooms. Warner admitted he had ‘no choice’ but to listen to Candice – even though all of his mates also drank.

“You don’t realize what it takes to get to that next level… but if I didn’t change the way I was and what I was doing, I was out the door,” said Warner.

Warner is glad that he and Candice [married in 2015] met at the right time. He’s also glad that he made the sacrifices because if not for that, they wouldn’t have been together the way they are today.

“We met at the right time and if I didn’t make my sacrifices, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today.I had to change and I changed for the better – and I have to credit Candice for that,” Warner added.

Warner is relishing being a family man and his first priority are his wife and three children. “Cricket is not the priority, the priority is my family and my children. I always feel that cricket gets in the way of my family time. I hate sleeping in knowing that Candice is looking after three kids and it’s so rewarding to come home to them,” said Warner.    

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