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Stan Nichols
July 5, 1935 – When Stan Nichols was denied a six due to non-striker’s late arrival

The incident took place during the 1935 County match between Essex and Yorkshire.

Keith Pont
July 3, 1972 – When Keith Pont used a bicycle to change ends during a county match

The incident took place during the 1972 County match between Essex and Derbyshire.

Fire engine
June 18, 2007 – When a burnt gravy pot failed to save Kent from a defeat

Lancashire and Kent faced off in the 2007 County Championship at the Old Trafford.

Harold Larwood
June 13, 1928 – When a telegram fired up Harold Larwood’s bowling

Harold Larwood was part of the game between Nottinghamshire and Hampshire.

Ray East
June 13, 1970 – When Ray East found strangest of ways to duck a bouncer

The incident happened during the 1970 season's County Championship game between Essex and Lancashire.

Bat and Ball
June 10, 1899 – When nine Derbyshire players took field in random clothing

Yorkshire needed 32 runs to win on the final day in the game against Derbyshire.

Dane Vilas
Top 5 instances of players reaching the venue after the start of the game

When it comes to International Cricket and other domestic competitions, the teams are forced to be 10-man side if there are any players not present at the venue.

Alan Revill
June 3, 1953 – When a flying glove caused hit-wicket dismissal of Alan Revill

The incident took place during the 1953 County game between Surrey and Derbyshire.

Denis Compton
Throwback: When an Umpire adjudged debutant Denis Compton LBW to attend nature’s call

Denis Compton batted at No.11 on his first-class debut in 1936.

Jersey movie
3 Real life references of cricket in ‘Jersey’ movie

Here we look at some of the real incidents which were picturized in the Jersey movie.