ECS T10 League: Batter gets out after ball thuds into wicketkeeper's helmet and lands in fielder’s hand

ECS T10 League: Batter gets out after ball thuds into wicketkeeper’s helmet and lands in fielder’s hand

Commentators were left in awe.

European Cricket League
European Cricket League. (Photo Source: Twitter)

With cricket having a vast history, some memorable moments have been recorded over the 22 yards. At the same time, there have been some weird instances as well. Speaking of the latest antics on the cricket field, a bizzare dismissal was witnessed in the ongoing European Cricket Series (ECS) T10 tournament. The video of the same has gone viral on the internet after it was shared by European Cricket on their official Twitter page.

In the clip, a batter can be seen playing a shot behind the wicket which was aimed to clear the fine leg boundary. Such shots are being played a lot nowadays. However, what made the dismissal outlandish is the path the ball took after being smashed. The batter couldn’t time the ball properly and hit it straight into the wicketkeeper’s helmet.

Batter gets out in arguably the most unfortunate manner

With the shot having a lot of force, the ball reflected from the helmet and went straight to the fielder at third man, who accepted an easy catch. As the ball didn’t touch the ground, the batter had to walk back to the dugout. Commentators of this ECS T10 match couldn’t believe their eyes as they termed it a never-seen before dismissal. The video of the clip got viral in no time and fans were amused.

Meanwhile, the European Cricket Series gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown period. While cricket matches worldwide were halted in awake of the COVID-19 crisis, ECS T10 competitions entertained the fans thoroughly.\

ECS T10 is played across Europe, with many Asian and European cricketers participating in the competition. Like the name of the tournament suggests, the format is T10 and clubs from across Europe participate in the competition.  The top teams of these tournaments then qualify for an annual competition named the ECS Champions T10 competition.

As of now, the ECS T10 competition is underway in Malta and this dismissal was recorded in the same competition. Meanwhile, cricket would be occupied in the coming days with a lot of important fixtures being in the pipeline. However, it would be interesting to see if any more of such bizarre dismissals would be seen or not.