'Ek zamaane ka naam, ek heera ka naam MS Dhoni' – Shoaib Akhtar remembers Mahi in his tribute video

‘Ek zamaane ka naam, ek heera ka naam MS Dhoni’ – Shoaib Akhtar remembers Mahi in his tribute video

"Dhoni wanted to go out on a bike ride with me once in Pakistan."

MS Dhoni and Shoaib Akhtar
MS Dhoni and Shoaib Akhtar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

After MS Dhoni’s retirement announcement, former Pakistan bowler Shoaib Akhtar was one of the first to put up a tweet for the legend. He praised the 39-year-old and also mentioned that he’d come up with a video tribute for the former Indian skipper. As promised, within no time, Shoaib Akhtar put up a video tribute where he showered praise on MS Dhoni.

He started his video with a wonderful line – ‘Ek zamaane ka naam Dhoni, ek heera ka naam Dhoni and ek achche insaan ka naam Dhoni’. As we go along, Shoaib listed out five great characteristics of the cricketer like a match-winner, a match-winner, a great captain, humble person. The Rawalpindi Express further mentioned that Dhoni is one of the nicest guys he ever came across.

I expected a wonderful farewell for MS Dhoni: Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar, in his video, remembered several wonderful moments from MS Dhoni’s career. He recalled the 2004-05 incident involving MS Dhoni and former President Parvez Musharaf. Back then, the President was all praise for Dhoni’s hairstyle. While he was requested not to cut his hair, MS Dhoni decided to change his hairstyle just a few years after that incident.

Akhtar even said that he was expecting a grand farewell for MS Dhoni. Not that the 39-year-old would crave for something like that, but just to recognize and credit all his achievements for India. Akhtar also recalled an incident when MS Dhoni wanted to go out with him on a bike ride in Pakistan. He even remembered the knock in Faisalabad and when he bowled a beamer intentionally.

Shoaib Akhtar praised the wicketkeeper’s cricketing sense and said that it was this that set him apart from the other cricketers. The former cricketer even said that no other captain might ever achieve what Dhoni achieved as a captain.

He praised him for his conduct in the World Cup 2011 final where he finished the game and just walked off the field. Akhtar called this moment the highest point of his life and said that he had a dream run till 2011. He told that Dhoni deserves all the glory, credits, adulation and admiration.

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