Why is England hosting its second consecutive ICC Champions Trophy?

Why is England hosting its second consecutive ICC Champions Trophy?

CricTracker reveals the reason behind the ICC's supposed favouritism towards England.

Kennington Oval England
Kennington Oval, London, England. (Photo Source: PA Photos)

As England and Wales gear up for the 2017 edition of the ICC Champions Trophy, many are still perplexed as to why they are hosting it this year as well. The multi-nation tournament was held in England back in 2013 as well. Hence the question, ‘Why is England hosting its second consecutive ICC Champions Trophy?’

It would seem a bit unfair on the part of other cricketing nations, as they could have also had an opportunity to host the mega-event. However, CricTracker reveals the reason behind the ICC’s supposed favouritism towards England.

Proposal of a Test championship

It all began in 2009 when the ICC met the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to discuss a proposed Test match championship. The mastermind behind this fresh proposal was none other than former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe.

Following a lengthy discussion, the ICC gave the nod to carry out the first edition of the Test championship in 2013. England and Wales were given charge to host the grand tournament. Most importantly, the ICC also announced that thereafter, the Test Championship would replace the Champions Trophy.

Test championship postponed to 2017

Due to financial problems within the ICC, the Board announced that the tournament would not take place until 2017. Furthermore, it stated that the 2013 edition of the Test championship was cancelled. As a result, the Champions Trophy was brought back into the scene, and England and Wales were awarded the tournament instead of the Test championship.

While the host nations carried out their duties perfectly in the smooth conduct of the Champions Trophy, the ICC announced that 2013 edition of the 8-team elite event would be its last. The decision was a consequence of ICC’s proposal to bring back the Test championship in 2017. The tournament was slated to be held in June 2017, with England and Wales once again being selected as hosts.

Champions Trophy in 2017 again

However, as an all too familiar denouement, the ICC Test Championship was cancelled yet again in 2014, and the International Cricket Council announced that the Champions Trophy would be reinstated in 2017 as well. Since England and Wales were anyway set to host the Test championship, the ICC decided not to meddle with that area and awarded the 2017 Champions Trophy to both nations once again.

So here we are just a week away from the start of the 2017 Champions Trophy, with a clarification as to why England and Wales are hosting their second consecutive edition of the tournament.