English Media embarrasses MS Dhoni on Anderson row

English Media embarrasses MS Dhoni on Anderson row

The Indian team was on a low after the Judicial Commisioner Gordon Lewis reported both the cricketers on charge James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja not guilty of the pressed charge. England on the other hand had a glowing faces and a moral victory secured by them off the field.

Board’s of both the countries were reluctant initially of framing an official complain. As the two cricketing and administrative heavy weights share a good bond on the international forum at the ICC. Though rare on the occasion Indian captain MS Dhoni and coach Duncan Fletcher looked determined to take this ahead.

English Media embarrasses MS Dhoni | Photo Courtesy: Telegraph
English Media embarrasses MS Dhoni | Photo Courtesy: Telegraph

The decision by the two was respected and BCCI let them go ahead with the official complain against premier English bowler James Anderson. He is the one guy who has been the key performer for England over the years and has till now influenced the outcome of this series as well.

The Judicial commissioner on lack of video evidence from the Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium as their video camera’s inside the player area was not working on that day. Players present for the 6 hours long hearing from both the camps stated contradicting stories and nothing clear could be made out.

Now that Anderson is let off the charge under level III the British media make sure they suppress the already red faced Indian team and skipper.

British daily the Daily Telegraph under headline, ‘India humiliated as England’s James Anderson in clear’ wrote “… a finding that represents clear humiliation for India and their captain MS Dhoni, who initiated proceedings after a spat between the two at Trent Bridge,”

The media also went on to call it a tactic by the Indian team and management to get rid of the biggest threat.
“It is a chastening verdict for cricket’s leading power. …India’s players have long thought Anderson’s boorish sledging to be unacceptable and their admission probably weakened their case here which smacked of opportunism to get the bowler for past misdemeanors.

It further added that “Dhoni’s persistence with the charge, after the two boards had instructed the players to sort it out, made it look like a personal crusade for which Duncan Fletcher, India’s coach, in a rare misjudgment, backed him,”

Another tabloid Daily Mail’s reporter David Lloyd wrote “What an absolute joke that was. It should never have reached the stage where they were involving lawyers, defendants and witnesses, like some serious court case. It was like Fred Karno’s circus! ,”
The Guardian had the headline ‘Jimmy Anderson cleared by ICC as India suffer another humiliation’.

Indian Skipper MS Dhoni with the Coach | Photo Courtesy: Telegraph

“So those who derided the whole process – which began on 10 July when India’s captain MS Dhoni felt sufficiently strongly to insist on going straight to the ICC to press level three charges without even going through his own board – as a waste of time and money have been proved emphatically correct,”

This unwanted and unprovoked criticism by the English media to get the Indian skipper and team under undue pressure. In addition to performance burden they already have after loss in the Southampton test.