Eoin Morgan credits IPL for improving his game

Eoin Morgan
Eoin Morgan in action for SRH. (Photo Source: BCCI)

The English side had a humiliating run at the ICC World Cup 2015. Eoin Morgan, being the skipper of the side, had a lot of criticism to digest. Since then, Morgan and his revamped English side have come a long way. The out and aggressive approach seemed to have worked well and this reflected in England’s successful run in the recently concluded ICC World T20.

In a recent interview with Cricbuzz, Morgan spoke about how IPL has helped him to become an improved cricketer and the way he goes about the game now.


“The IPL has helped my game in a huge way. The first 2-3 years I came to the IPL, I saw my game improve immensely,” he said.

Eoin Morgan exclaimed he was very lucky to have got the opportunity to play in the IPL. He believes that an opportunity of this kind where a young cricketer gets a chance to play with the legends like Jacques Kallis and Rahul Dravid is truly a learning curve. “Rubbing shoulders with the best players in the field, you gain huge amount of confidence training alongside them, playing with them and seeking advice from them. I was lucky to play with the likes of Jacques Kallis, Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid and had the opportunity of watching them closely as they went about their business,” quoted Morgan.

Eoin Morgan started his IPL career with Royal Challengers Bangalore before moving to Kolkata Knight Riders and now settling in the Sunrisers Hyderabad. The SRH camp boasts of many left-handers, Yuvraj Singh, David Warner, Shikhar Dhawan and Morgan himself, to name a few. Talking on this, Morgan said he wouldn’t tag this as their team’s USP. He was quick to cite that it is the team culture that remains to be the talking point of their side.

“One thing that’s going for us in this competition is that we have strong squad and we have good team culture. I guess that’s what the talking point of our side is,” the left-handed batsman quoted.

When asked about his audacious stroke-making, Morgan answered that he doesn’t practice any of the audacious shots as such. He added that the shot making comes naturally on the field and he goes in the middle with an open mind. “To be honest, I haven’t been practicing those shots. I have been keeping an open mind and looking to play as naturally as I can in this tournament. Obviously, one needs to practice those shots before you play them in a game or else it can go wrong,” quoted the English skipper.

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